Partisan Politics Drive 2020 Presidential Election

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On 3 November 2020, the presidential election took place. Candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden ran against each other. Isabella Atchina, on behalf of the Biden voters, explained why her family is voting Biden because she liked that his ideals were for a more equal society. Nik Stella, on behalf of the Trump voters, explained that his family was voting for him due to their appreciation for how Trump has carried this country. 

Both parties agreed that the Green New Deal is a good idea, but the Republican side doesn’t agree on how Biden wants to execute his plan. 

Biden wants to improve healthcare and make college more affordable while Trump wants to better the economy. 

Both of those ideals are what led Fleetwood´s families to lean towards a candidate. Biden voters would like to see him make Roe v Wade a law and keep LGBTQIA rights such as the right to marry. Trump voters would like to see him keep up the good work he has been doing for the past four years.

Left-wingers agree with the Black Lives Matter movement, while the right-wingers believe it is being executed incorrectly. BLM regained popularity in early June; people involved with this movement believe that police brutality and systematic racism must come to an end. Celebrities such as Dominic Harrison, Ariana Grande, and Joe Jonas have attended the protests. 

“The slogan Black Lives Matter does not mean other lives don’t. It’s calling attention to the fact that society clearly thinks black lives don’t matter,” pop singer Billie Eilish said in May.

 Although leftists believe in BLM, right-wingers have begun a counterargument that All Lives Matter. 

ALM supporters believe that Americans shouldn’t single out black lives and should take precautions to protect everybody. Celebrities such as Kevin Gates have spoken out in defense of this.

¨I´ve never had a problem since I changed the way I conduct myself,” Gates said. “So, I don’t feel like black lives matter; I feel like all lives matter.”

Other organizations denouncing the BLM movement include white supremacy groups including The Proud Boys and the KKK, both of whom have been denounced by Republicans and Democrats.

Election week also sprung worries for small businesses. 

The leftists believe that social media has raised support for small businesses and want to utilize that support to maintain financial success for the owners. Right-wingers believe that Covid is more of an issue to small businesses than the election.

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