COVID-19 Vaccines Rolls Out across America

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The new vaccinations are now out for distribution, with experts predicting that inoculation will help the efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus. There are many different groups to which vaccines are given out at the moment. With the vaccines, many are hoping to return to normal life soon.

The people who are in the top priority group are the elderly, health care workers, and other people residing in environments with large groups of people. Receiving the vaccine is a crucial part in not only protecting one’s self but other people as well. 

The vaccines that are now being distributed were released towards the end of December and have been given to the top tier priority groups. 

People who qualify in the top tier groups are health care workers, nursing homes, the elderly, prisons, people with health complications, etc. These people should have immediate protection from the disease or it may end fatally. 

“I work as a dermatologist and visit Penn medicine hospital frequently,” Dr. Adrienne Rencic said. Being the only dermatologist that visits the hospital, it was crucial for her to receive a vaccine to protect her and her patients. 

In a similar situation, Elizabeth Duh, a nurse at Lehigh valley Hospital, works in the cardiac unit of the hospital. 

Even though not everyone has known someone close to him or her who has been stricken by COVID, it is still important to remember how many people have lost their lives during this pandemic. This is not something that should be brushed off. For some, this could mean life or death. 

“I received my vaccine on December 29, 2020. I experienced minor arm pain near the injection sight and a few body aches. Other than that, I felt perfectly fine. None of the symptoms were anything that could not be managed by Tylenol,” Rencic said.

Not everyone is going to have the same reactions to the vaccine as others. Some may experience more body aches than others. Only in rare circumstances would a serious reaction occur. 

“It felt no different than my annual flu shot. A little discomfort where I received the vaccine, but nothing more,” Duh said.

The two most known vaccines for COVID are the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine.

“From my knowledge and research, there really is no difference between Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. They have virtually the same effectiveness rate,” Rencic said. 

“Vaccinations are a crucial part in keeping our communities and the world healthy,” Duh said.

“Why not protect yourself from a disease that is still unpredictable in after-effects on the body? It is better to be safe rather than sorry,” Rencic said.

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