Fleetwood Is Back (Almost) Full-Time!

Posted on March 21, 2021 by


Fleetwood came back full force as of 8 March. Students understand the intentions of going back four days a week but are feeling shaky about following through with such changes. Students were finally acclimating themselves to the hybrid system just as this most recent school board decision created another complete shift. 

Going back includes having more students within the building but not without more risks. Although some parents pushed for this change, many parents and students remain unconvinced. Administrators and school board members must continue to balance student safety with the obvious advantage of in-person instruction.

People want life to go back to normal, and having a more familiar school system will help to restore that.

“My hope is that it affects students for the better. I think it will allow students to return to their normal habits,” Lauren Paules said. 

This return to four-day instruction, however, does not necessarily accompany a permanent and lasting decrease in COVID-19 cases countywide.

No matter which opinion students share, there will be rocky water in Fleetwood this March. Some students who were strictly following COVID guidelines may feel uncomfortable being in a full school.

“I think it’s important for students to learn in person, but there is a cost to this whole thing,” Emily Wessner said.

Going back in full capacity can have its risks, but if everyone continues to take precautions, there is a chance that this new status quo can be maintained for the remainder of the year.

Some students are enjoying this change because it brings back a sense of normalcy in such chaotic times. This past year has been so destructive to students’ lives, going back can bring back a familiar feeling that students have been missing for more than a year now.

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