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Emily Seiple is seventeen-years-old, turning eighteen on October 7. She is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School and most excited for homecoming, prom, and graduation. As much as Emily will miss her friends, she is excited for her new life to expand once school is over. She is interested in cosmetology, including the Spa Institute. Emily wants to move down south but not too far because, she states, “she burns really easily.” Her home life is filled with four siblings named Trevor, Allison, Kaitlyn, and Baker. Kaitlyn is from another father, and Baker is from her stepmom. Charlie and Luna are the two dogs in her life. Luna is only 6 pounds. Amanda and Devon, her biological parents, have raised a sweet and intelligent daughter. 

Another thing to know about Seiple is that she has not been involved in any sports since she stopped participating in cheerleading and track and field at the age of six. One of Emily’s favorite sports to watch is football, and she proudly boasts that she actually understands the rules. Her worst injury was a broken pinky in second grade.  She watches her boyfriend, Will, at football games with her best friends Emily Kline, Emma Rapposelli, and Elyse Schwenig.  Emily and Will have been together for a year and 9 months. Being random, bubbly, and open are ways her friends and family would describe her. She is also known to be kind and caring to others around her.  

Seiple’s go-tos are Chick-Fil-A, and she also enjoys extra cheddar cheese goldfish and sushi. She works at Sheetz and said, “I prefer making food over working as a cashier because people [can be] annoying”. When it comes to school, her top choice is English, and at the bottom she ranked science. Emily loves summer more than winter, but overall her favorite season is autumn. One reason for this answer is that her birthday lands in the fall. The ocean, where one cannot see what is touching one’s feet, is her biggest fear, and going to the beach for vacation is something she truly dislikes. Mint chocolate chip is her go-to ice cream order, and she totally disagrees with people who say “it tastes like toothpaste.” She enjoys watching tv shows like New Girl and Friends

Emily explained how, since she was little, her family has been going to Knoebels every summer. Something Emily enjoys doing is driving, but it seems that she is almost involved in an accident every time she goes out. Seiple claims, “I don’t speed–the issue is my judgement when I’m trying to pull out of somewhere.” Bands like Greta Van Fleet and other alternative and indie music is what she loves to jam to while driving around. Her celebrity crush, and someone Emily also likes to listen to, is the one and only Harry Styles. Another thing besides her boyfriend that makes her happy is shopping with money that is not hers. 

When Emily was asked about her future, she described where she would travel, and her answer was Italy, but not anytime soon because of COVID. Emily is unsure of a name for either gender of her future children. However, she also explained that she would like one or two kids, but she needs at least one boy. When asked if she wants any pets in the future, she said, “I do not like animals.” Emily is someone around whom most people are comfortable as soon as they meet her. She is funny and easy to talk to–not to mention, loved by her family and friends.  

By Sarah Grim

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