76ers Enter Playoffs

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The 76ers are in the 2022 playoffs! The team grabbed the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference, clinching the playoffs. 

The team has to play the Toronto Raptors, who, just like the 76ers, secured a playoff spot and are 5th in the conference. 

The first game of the series was held in Philadelphia, the 76ers’ hometown. The top scorer in the game was Tyrese Maxey with 38 points in 38 minutes of game time. During the game, the 76ers scored every quarter and never let the pressure off of the opposing team. The 76ers went on to win the game 111-131.

Game two of the series was also in Philly, with the 76ers leading the series 1-0. The top scorer for the game was Joel Embiid with 31 points in 37 minutes of play. In this game, the Raptors changed their technique and were leading after the first quarter. That advantage was short-lived, and the 76ers won 2-0.

Game three of the series was held in Toronto, Canada. Game three’s top scorer was once again Joel Embiid with 33 points in 44 minutes of play. The Raptors had the home-field advantage, but the 76ers won 3-0.

Game four, also in Toronto, was won by the Raptors 110-102. The top scorer of the game was Pascal Siakam with 34 points in 44 minutes of game time. With this win, the Raptors’ season stays alive, making the series 3-1. 

Game five, still in Toronto, was the worst for the Raptors. They lost, 132-97. The lead scorer for the game was Joel Embiid with 33 points in 36 minutes of game time. This game sent the 76ers to round two of the playoffs.

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