Reporter Bio: Jacob Rauenzahn

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Jacob Rauenzahn is a senior who has lived in Fleetwood his entire life. He is the president of the student newspaper. Jacob is very fit for the position because of his love and passion for writing, reading, and journalism as a whole.  Jacob enjoys journalism so much that he hopes to attend college for it. Bloomsburg or Millersville would be his preferred choices. For the time being, Jacob is a dishwasher and line cook for the restaurant Ozgoods. Jacob also enjoys music by his favorite artist Bob Dylan. He is also vice president of the film club and enjoys watching films. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Jacob’s favorite film. Jacob loves to read and cook and is very passionate about both of those things. Southern food is his favorite type of food. Jacob also is into politics and finds it to be an interesting topic. He describes himself as “iconoclastic,” which is summed up as not accepting the status quo. His philosophy is that we are all one, and we need to realize that and treat each other with respect. 

By Jeffrey Brown

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