FAHS’s Galeassi Adds Art to BCIU Showcase

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Fleetwood Area High School has some really talented artists.

Jossalyn Galeassi takes multiple art classes at Fleetwood Area High School, and she enjoys every part of them. Jossalyn took about a week to finish an art project that had a lot of meaning for her. Her art will be displayed In BCIU’s art showcase this year.

Galeassi completed the project in a way where she can show her love and care for others’ accomplishments. Galeassi’s boyfriend, Josh Candelario, was her main inspiration for her project for art class. she decided to create a portrait of the Fleetwood Area High School’s boys’ soccer team.

Galeassi specifically drew moments from their championship.

“I was nervous to draw the boys because drawing people is not my best skill, but I surprised myself,” Galeassi said.

Galeassi encompassed their accomplishment in her drawing by showing the boys huddled up. She took time to complete her artwork and had lots of advice to give after going through what it took to make her piece.

“My advice is to take your time and experiment with color mixtures and how the colors blend together,” Galeassi said.

After many comments on how impressively she was able to finish her art, she realized how proud she was of herself, and she was able to list some of her favorite parts.

“My favorite part is shading and how all of my details come together,” Galeassi said.

Her art took her some time, but in the end, it was worth it. She is proud of herself, her work, and how everything came together in the end.

“I’m proud of myself and happy that I was able to find inspiration on top of a busy schedule, and that I was able to do something that meant something to me and made my boyfriend happy,” Galeassi said.

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