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Lamar Jackson’s Back at the Bank

June 5, 2023


With the Ravens capitalizing on the draft and extending their star player, the future looks bright in Baltimore. This upcoming season will highlight many of these changes and prove whether or not the team made the right ones.  Arguably, the largest and most monumental task came with the contract decisions regarding Quarterback Lamar Jackson. Once […]

April has Found Its FAHS Students of the Month

June 2, 2023


Both April students-of-the-month say it came as a total surprise. Every month, Fleetwood Area High School names two senior students the “Students of the Month.” It is awarded to two students who excel academically and personally. Matthew Foose and Francesca Snyder have been selected as the students-of-the-Month for April. Both are active and engaged students […]

How to Avoid Summer Slacking

June 1, 2023


During summer, few take the time to think of schoolwork. Kids of all ages get distracted very easily. The most important part of summer is to have fun and not have to worry about too many things at once. The best thing to do is keep a child active, but he or she also needs […]

Disney Film Causes Political Havoc in FL School

May 31, 2023


A Florida teacher is under state investigation for showing her class a Disney movie with a gay character. Not knowing this would be a problem, she left many parents upset and worried for their children to be in this class environment. “I wasn’t aware the state’s controversial law banning instruction about certain LGBTQ topics had […]

Fleetwood Prom Held on May 5th

May 30, 2023


Friday, May 5, 2023 was the night of nights for Fleetwood Area High School juniors and seniors. From the beautiful venue of Stokesay Castle to the tasteful Italian food that was served, to the dance floor that got everyone moving, prom exceeded expectations.  Compared to last year’s drowsy weather filled with rain, this year had […]

May 2 Marks the 12-Year Anniversary of Death of Bin Laden

May 24, 2023


May 2nd was the 12-year anniversary of the day DEVGRU (Seal Team 6) took out Osama Bin Laden. According to, the raid of the hideout took place at 1 a.m. local time, which would be 4 p.m. EST. The entire operation was said to have lasted 40 minutes. According to “FBI files,” Osama Bin […]

Tragedy at Waco Turns 30

May 22, 2023


On April 19, 1993, the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, burned to the ground. The Compound burning down was the last stage in the bloody 51-day standoff between the Branch Davidians and the federal government. The tragic event started on February 28, 1993. It began with a local news reporter who had been tipped […]

News Magazine Makes Strides

May 19, 2023


Students and teachers have been working in collaboration on the inaugural edition of the Paw Print. The newly founded class, News Magazine, has established something the school has not offered in the recent past, a magazine that will have district-wide coverage.  This elective started only in the second semester of this year, making it brand […]

Eight More Fleetwood Students Ready to Play Sports in College

May 9, 2023


Eight Fleetwood seniors signed their National Letter of Intent on 12 April 2023. All student-athletes are going to different colleges but all have bright futures.  Anthony Downs committed to Alvernia University for track and field as well as ice hockey, while majoring in criminal justice. He has been participating in track and field for six […]

Local Chocolate Factory Explodes

May 8, 2023


The R.M. Palmer Company makes national headlines after a fire and explosion at their factory quaked in West Reading.  On March 24th, the R.M. Palmer Company chocolate factory exploded. It leveled the building and affected the surrounding buildings as well. The explosion was large enough to push a neighboring building 4 feet. “The National Transportation […]

The 2022 Fleetwood Yearbook Makes History by Receiving a PSPA Gold Medal

May 4, 2023


The Fleetwood yearbook for the 2022 school year scored gold in the PSPA awards. PSPA stands for Pennsylvania School Press Association, and this award focuses on yearbook critique. The yearbook can be given a score of gold, silver, or bronze.  In order to win the award, the yearbook needs to score gold in all four […]

Fleetwood Seniors Named March Students-of-the-Month

May 3, 2023


It is that time of the month again when the students-of-the-month are announced. The students-of-the-month for March were Connor Tucci and Meghan Emery.  Meghan and Connor have both displayed strong academic work and great character.  “I think I was selected to be student-of-themMonth because I am fortunate enough to have good relationships with teachers who […]

Most Misunderstand Anarchy

May 2, 2023


Anarchy is a word frequently used but seldom understood. It is often equated with ideas of mob rule, disorder, and chaos. The philosophy, however, is more complex. Anarchy comes from the Greek word anarchos, with “an” meaning “without” and “archos” meaning “rulers,” so “anarchy” in its simplest translation simply means “without rulers.”  Anarchy is essentially […]

History Club Competes at Regional Level

April 27, 2023


On Saturday, 18 March, students involved in the history club competed in the annual regional competition. Students from both regions eight and nine combined to meet at Messiah University, near Mechanicsburg. This move comes after it was held at Kutztown University for the past several years. The theme for the competition this year was Frontiers […]

FAHS Planning “Enchanted” Prom Night

April 25, 2023


Save the date! Prom will be on May 5th, starting at 5:00 p.m. and ending at 10:00 p.m. The theme is “Enchanted,” and many students expect it to be better than ever before.  The memory-making evening will be hosted at Stokesay Castle in Reading, PA.  There has been a lot of planning for the prom. […]

Darth Vader is Philo-SITH-ical

April 12, 2023


The philosophical and political representation of the story of “Star Wars” has been an ongoing discussion since the release of the original trilogy. The character of Darth Vader is now 45 years old, and for 45 years he has been a major villain in the eyes of the “Star Wars” demographic. The tragic story of […]

FAHS’s Music Trip Adds to The Disney Magic

April 3, 2023


From February 26th through March 1st, students involved in FAHS music programs took a trip to Florida. Universal Studios and Walt Disney World were the featured major attractions. The trip itself runs once every four years.  Many students anticipated this outing for a long time, especially considering no other school trip is similar to it.  […]

Boys’ Basketball ’22-’23 Finds Much Success

March 31, 2023


The Fleetwood boys’ basketball team had a successful season. With a 22-5 record, the team pushed limits and reached their goals.  Although most of their games ended in victory for the Tigers, the team faced some losses. Those scores were normally separated by one point. For example, the team’s loss against Wyomissing was 34-35 and […]

For Most, You’re as Violent as Your Viewing Habits

March 27, 2023


The word “violence” is frequent in the vocabulary of society’s youth. Violence in the media has been a matter of many debates, with some parents allowing their children to witness and take in all information that is shared in the media.  The American Psychological Association released a report in 1988 saying, “Virtually all independent scholars […]

Last of the Jeffersonians: Bill Kauffman’s Interview with The Tiger Times

March 24, 2023


In this interview, author Bill Kauffman, known for “America First!”, Look Homeward, America, and more, answers questions from “The Tiger Times.” Bill Kauffman is known as a historian of local culture, an author, a screenwriter, and more. In the interview, he covers topics from books, historical figures, current events, and beyond. Bill Kauffman is a […]

Two Fleetwood Seniors Named February Students of the Month

March 22, 2023


Fleetwood seniors Addison Hostetler and Emily Walbert were named February students of the month at FAHS. This award is a large accomplishment and shows the work ethic of both students.  Addison Hostetler, daughter of Brian and Christie Hostetler, is involved in student council, science olympiad, Model UN, chorus, volleyball, bowling, track, National Honor Society, Rho […]

New Apps Spell the End for Paper Currency

March 21, 2023


Mobile payment apps provide a resource that has positive and negative effects within society. Some of the benefits include quick/easy transactions, not having to carry cash, and general convenience. However, security risks and technology barriers are still limiting issues with these apps.  One of the biggest factors contributing to the rise of mobile payment apps […]

Local Train Enthusiast Reacts to East Palestine Wreck

March 20, 2023


A train headed from Illinois to Pennsylvania derailed and crashed in East Palestine, Ohio. However, this wasn’t just an ordinary derailment because the train was carrying toxic chemicals. These chemicals were called vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, and isobutylene. These chemicals were ultimately released into the air, and people have reported feeling sick. Norfolk Southern, the […]

Schools Become Battlegrounds for State Gender Politics

March 17, 2023


Many teenagers do not express to their parents that they would like to change their gender or pronouns. They do not think their parents would approve and do not want to risk disappointing them. In many religious communities, various forms of gender and sexual expression are frowned upon. This can be a major factor in […]