Teens Have Numerous Employment Options in Fleetwood Area

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A small Business asking for help. Photo by andjohan

Plenty of local teens are interested in working but are unsure of good local places to work. There may be more good local workplaces than people think.

The first places, and arguably most popular, would be grocery stores, such as Giant, Weis, or Boyers. Because Boyers is located in Fleetwood, and Giant and Weis are both in Kutztown, they make great options that are all within 15 minutes of the high school. Primarily, grocery stores want stockers and cashiers. If you were to become a cashier or stocker, you could expect to make $10-$14 per hour.

Some other options would be gas stations such as Turkey Hill, Sheetz, Rutter’s, or Speedway. All of these are not far away, with the possible exception of Rutters, which is located past Kutztown. Something many find very attractive about gas stations is the pay. Working at one of these places will earn you anywhere from $13 an hour at Speedway up to $17 at Rutter’s. The possible downsides people have experienced are getting more hours than expected and having less flexibility when scheduling.

If you want a different kind of environment, perhaps working at a sports stadium or arena might suit you. One of the most popular sports places would be the Reading Fightin’ Phils. At the Fightin’ Phils, your schedule is up to you, and you only work when you want to. The pay is $10 an hour. It is a much different environment compared to the rest because of the concession stand format that most teens would be working in. 

The last option would be to work at any local restaurant. There are plenty of small restaurants in the Fleetwood/Blandon area that could really use help. The new Redvo restaurant in Oley has struggled to maintain a staff suitable for public demand of their food. These types of businesses would make a great option if you want something close.

Every place has pros and cons, but there are many local job ideas to choose from. There are fast food places and big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, and smaller convenience stores like Dollar General. You could also do landscaping, which pays very well, or work for apps such as Door Dash. There are many places to look when finding where you want to work, and almost all could use your help.

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