Fleetwood Sends off 10 Student-Athletes to College

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Students in picture above signed National letters of intent on February 1st: (Back row left to right): Cary Ploshay, Jacob Karnish, Ryan Moser, Kyle Moats, Grant Hernandez, Landon Tomes. (Front row left to right): Rachel Wood, Owen Shoemaker, Zackary Moats, Adrian Heffelfinger.

On 1 February 2023, 10 student-athletes signed their National Letters of Intent. 

There is one baseball commitment, one basketball commitment, two football commitments, two ice hockey and lacrosse commitments, three soccer commitments, and one swimming commitment. 

Ryan Moser will be going to Elizabethtown College to further his baseball career while majoring in exercise science. Moser has been playing since he was four years old. Although Ryan is looking forward to meeting new people, he will miss his Fleetwood team. 

“I will miss the close bonds I have with everyone and also the team chemistry that we had in the years past,” Moser said. 

Jacob Karnish will be continuing to play basketball at King’s College while focusing on becoming a physician’s assistant.

Memories, such as 5 A.M. God’s court pick-up games, team meals, and breaking records with his teammates, are the things Jacob fondly looks back on. 

The two football commitments are Adrian Heffelfinger and Landon Tomes.

Tomes will be playing football at Clarion College while Heffelfinger will be playing football at Juniata College with a major in physical therapy and athletic training. Heffelfinger was impressed by Juniata College’s welcoming environment. 

“The thing about Juniata that really sold me was the kindness and respect that everyone had for each other. During an overnight, I felt like I had truly found a college where, not only was I wanted, but it felt like I belonged,” Heffelfinger said. 

Twin brothers, Kyle Moats and Zackary Moats, both committed to Alvernia for ice hockey and lacrosse. Kyle has been playing ice hockey for 14 years and lacrosse for 10 years. The impact his coaches have made on him is a major part of the athlete and person he has become. 

“They all helped in different ways, whether that’s growing as a person or growing in the sport,” Kyle Moats said. 

Grant Hernandez, Cary Ploshay, and Owen Shoemaker will continue to play soccer at the college level. Hernandez committed to Albright with a major in finance. Ploshay will be attending Alvernia with an undecided major, and Shoemaker committed to Lancaster Bible College with a major in criminal justice.  

All three players have been playing since they were little and are grateful for the impact soccer has made on them.

“Soccer is one thing that gives me peace and an escape from the world,” Ploshay said. 

“It is the main part of my life. A lot of things in my life have changed and altered, but soccer never did,” Shoemaker said. 

Rachel Wood will be swimming at Kutztown University while majoring in accounting. She has been swimming competitively for eight years. Wood is most looking forward to the changes that come with a new college environment.

“I am excited about becoming a part of a new swim family and making new friends,” Wood said. 

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