Swatting in Pennsylvania

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On the morning of Wednesday, March 29, 2023, schools all over Pennsylvania were swatted. Swatting is defined as someone calling the authorities claiming to be in danger, or that a serious crime is taking place. These calls, like all calls about people being in danger, are taken very seriously by the authorities, especially after the school shooting that took place in Nashville, Tennessee, leaving six dead, just two days prior. The calls terrorized parents, staff, and students alike in Northampton, Cambria, Beaver, Lehigh and many more counties spanning across all of Pennsylvania, as well as the United States as a whole, including Utah, New Jersey, and more. William Allen High School located in Allentown, Berks County, just 30 minutes from Fleetwood Area School District, was one of these many schools to be targeted. Just one day prior to these attacks, on March 28, around 30 schools in Massachusetts were targets of similar swatting calls, resulting in multiple schools locking down. Law enforcement believes these calls are computer-generated and plan to continue investigating the origin. For more information on the recent swatting attacks, read more here: https://www.cityandstatepa.com/policy/2023/03/swatting-threats-against-pennsylvania-schools-explained/384697/ 

By Evangeline Crossley & Laureanna Touch

Reprinted from The Paw Print

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