Mrs. London: A New Face?

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She may not be a new face to all, but she is to those who were not in the middle school. She is none other than our very own Mrs. London!

Although originally starting her career in the middle school, where she taught F.C.S. (Family and Consumer Sciences), Mrs. London transferred this year up to the high school because the curriculum she enjoyed teaching was better suited for high school students, who understand the real purpose of her classes better than middle school students do.

Mrs. London has taken many high school classes under her wing: Independent Living and Family Living, which are both required classes; and many electives, such as Baking, Healthy Food Preparation, Holiday Creations, and Interior Design. She believes the classes are best suited for students who would like to learn, to cook, and to embrace their creativity. She also claims that she does not have a favorite class and that she loves each of them equally. If she could, Mrs. London would add Child Development to her course load because it would benefit students who want to teach or work mostly around children.

Mrs. London has been married to Mr. Shannon London since March 4th, 2005. She has a dog named Max, whom she loves dearly. She currently has no children because her husband and she are still settling into marriage.  She considers all of the students here in the high school to be her babies!

The only place to which she has ever really traveled was Punxsutawney, where she visited Punxsutawney Phil himself. Her favorite foods are sushi with wasabi. Her closest teacher friends here at the high school are Mrs. Williamson and the whole Cammauf crew,whom she simply loves.

She would like everyone to know that she loves being here and that she is glad to see all of the old and new faces. She is very excited for this school year. If you want to get to know her better, then feel free take one of her electives.

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