Teenagers Find Pros, Cons in Divorce

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Did you know that 50% of first marriages end in divorce? It’s true.  Half of the people who get married in the United States get divorced at least once. Since most people have children in their first marriage, that leaves a lot of kids growing up without both a mom and dad in the same household. Consequently, one could assume that about half of the teens in our school are children of divorced parents. In many cases, parental separation can cause the child to have extensive issues leading into his or her teenage or even adult years. Divorce can be even harder on high school students, since they can be confused or upset about what is happening, and this anxiety can cause emotional, psychological, and academic problems.

If you are the child of a divorced couple, then you most likely know all about the struggles of this unstable lifestyle. Children with parents whoa are still married can consider themselves  lucky, yet they probably have to deal with their parents arguing over pointless concerns. This fighting is what causes parents to split. In some situations, divorce can be a good thing for the child because he or she is relieved from hearing the adults arguing all the time.  These are the moments when a boy or girl feels helplessly caught in the middle of problems well above his or her maturity level. Some are not as affected in the divorce process because they were either too young to even remember when their parents separated or were just relieved so much by the divorce that they could find peace in it.

Fleetwood High School student Desirae Lesher stated her parents’ divorce improved her quality of life.  “Now I don’t have to deal with my parents fighting,” says Lesher.  Lesher, however, is quick to clarify “In the beginning it was harder because I had to travel back and forth between my mom and dad’s house every weekend.”

All children of divorce are affected in some way, whether it is just having to travel from house to house or having emotional and behavioral problems as a consequence.  But the key to making the best of a bad situation is keeping in contact with both parents so that a good relationship can be consistently fostered with each.

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