Students Anticipating Homecoming Parade

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Every year the student body of Fleetwood High anticipates the energy associated with Homecoming week. This time of year is arguably the most spirited point on the school calendar. The centerpiece of this enthusiastic time is always the Homecoming Parade.

The parade itself is a combination of floats created by the various clubs, groups, and businesses affiliated with the school and the Fleetwood community. It is a time when everyone comes together to celebrate a town’s collective pride. Filled with music, color, and a lively atmosphere, the parade will surely deliver the same spirit we have come to know.

The Fleetwood Marching Band, the Homecoming Court, and floats from each of the four classes are just some of the features at the annual parade. The borough of Fleetwood has come to expect something special out of the parade and will not be disappointed. However, this year’s parade has a new route, allowing more people to witness the fun that comes with this event. “We’ve all been working very hard on [the parade] and are excited to see the outcome,” says Junior class president Haley Schlecter. The students organizing the parade have put the work in to make this year’s parade even more special, and all involved wish for Fleetwood to enjoy and be a part of it.

Homecoming is a vital part of High School, and the parade is the focal point of this time of year. It shows that the student body is resoundingly proud of its school, and the parade is a time when each student can show his or her pride to the people of this town. The organizers, members, and spectators at the parade will all have played a crucial role in exemplifying what this parade and Homecoming Week collectively means to this school and to the borough of Fleetwood–a time in which a deep passion for community can shine through.

The Homecoming Parade is Friday, October 8 at 5:30 PM.

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