Linkin Park Continues Down the Road to Irrelevance

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Remember back in the early 2000’s when Linkin Park actually made original music? –Back when they had catchy riffs, anthemic choruses, and lyrics to which any angst-filled kid could relate? Those were good times. Sadly, those days are long gone. 2007’s “Minutes to Midnight” saw the group go into an almost mainstream style of rock, but the album still had some songs that resembled the Linkin Park of old. With the release of their recent LP, “A Thousand Suns,” Linkin Park has reinvented its sound into something that barely even resembles the sound that propelled them to where they were at the height of their popularity. 

If there is one thing this album has a lot of, it is synthesizers. Linkin Park has always incorporated synthesizers into its music, but the synths on this album are used entirely too much. With songs such as “Wretches and Kings” sounding as if it should be on a bad Public Enemy album, Linkin Park seems to be striving to be the next big rap group;  it wouldn’t even surprise me if “A Thousand Suns” was classified in the hip hop genre. The other quality that really rubs me the wrong way is the interludes between songs. Utilizing quotes and speeches from important figures in society could have been a good idea, had it been done correctly. Instead of building up to the actual song itself, it feels as if the interludes just go on and on, coming off more annoying than atmospheric.

Brad Delson was once the driving force behind this band, his catchy riffs acting as an integral part of the Linkin Park sound, but now he has taken a backseat to a keyboard, and some synthesizers. The only spark left of the old Linkin Park is a section in the song “Blackout” where the beginning of a nice guitar lead is almost able to come to fruition before being sadly replaced once again with the synthesizers.

I want those 50 minutes of my life back.

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