2010 Top Halloween Costumes Announced

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Halloween is one of the most anticipated of all the holidays out of the year. Children, adults, and teens dress-up and knock on doors for delicious candy. Almost every single person who celebrates Halloween dresses up in a costume. Each year, new costumes make the ranks of the top 10 most popular costumes. Beware…you might be wearing one of this year’s winners or losers! Teens always want to stand out. When it comes to Halloween costumes, everyone wants to be the person who has all eyes glued to him or her.

Number 10 it is the typical “Scream” villain. With the black robe, plastic weapon, and white mask, you will be easy to recognize and people will love your pop culture reference.

Number 9 is the psychopath that freaks us all out: Michael Myers. This creepy, popular villain is going to be around this Halloween, and he is going to look for you, so watch out.

Number 8 is Gonzo the lovable Muppet. He is the daredevil of the Muppet group, and he automatically stands out.

Number 7 is a Gypsy costume for the girls. Ruffles, arm puffs, bandanas, and many bracelets all make this fortune-telling costume amazing.

Number 6 is the Skeleton Sweetie costume. The dress makes you look like you have nothing but bones. Your hands and legs are covered with bones, and the top hat makes you look like you just stepped out of the “The Nightmare before Christmas.”

Coming in at number 5 is Lil’ Red Riding Hood. With a blood-red dress and a basket that looks appealing to Grandma Wolf, this girl is no innocent bystander.

At number 4 is the Cryptic Rocker. He is a rock monster who looks like a dead version of Slash.

Number 3 is Dr. Killer Driller. He is a doctor who has turned into a complete psycho and is coming back for his patients. With a bloody smock, frizzed-out hair, and a hand drill, this doctor is definitely going to be in the top three most popular costumes.

Coming in at number 2 is the Adorable Alice costume straight from Wonderland. With her blonde locks and blue dress, she is going to be a complete hit.

Finally, the winner of the most popular costume of 2010 is…

…The Twilight Bite costume. Who doesn’t want an adorable vampire hanging around this Halloween? With a cape, dress, and fangs, this teen vampire is bound to make the ranks. Almost every girl wants a vampire, so why not dress up as one? This costume is definitely going to get some attention and completely deserves the title of most popular costume of 2010.

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