Everybody Is Kung-Fu Fighting

Posted on October 31, 2010 by


Ninja, one of the world’s fastest growing backyard games, has found it’s way to Fleetwood. It’s a simple game that anyone can play, but, most importantly, it is fun.

Ninja was invented by five kids from Colorado who were stuck in their basement overnight. The kids became bored really quickly and invented the game. They told their friends about it, and word-of-mouth continued until the game became the popular time-killer it is today.

This, of course, isn’t too surprising since the game is both easy and fun.

It’s a simple game that works like this: All of the players form a circle and put their hand in the middle. When all of the players are ready, someone yells “Ninja!” The players then strike a ninja-like pose. One person tries to hit another person’s hand. Each player may only move if he is attacking or avoiding an attack. Once a player’s hand is hit, he or she is out and must step out of the circle. The game continues this way until only one person is left. This person is the winner.

With it’s easy rules and entertaining strategy, Ninja is a relaxing game to play with friends.

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