“I Am Not a Human Being” Delivers

Posted on November 12, 2010 by


With yet another mix tape now released by Lil’ Wayne, we’ve come to expect nothing but the best, and this one delivers.

“I Am Not a Human Being” provides listeners with twelve songs, most of which are stunning. With artists who have made as many songs as Wayne, one generally expects to see originality fading, but “I Am Not a Human Being” proves that Wayne does not succumb to this generality.

While “Right Above It” is definitely the most popular song on the album, other tracks such as “Bill Gates,” “What’s Wrong With Them,” and “Popular” provide listeners with some of Wayne’s most creative lyrics. While radio stations will be beating their listeners over the head with “Right Above It,” it’s safe to say that the better tracks won’t be anywhere near radio stations. Some of the lyrics in the songs are a little too vulgar, but what else can be expected from Wayne?

One of the biggest draws to this album is the lack of auto-tune. Occasionally, auto-tune makes a song sound better, but most times it just sounds robotic and out-of-place. While Wayne is known for his use of auto-tune in many of his songs, this album moves in a new direction and has definitely given him a larger fan base. The lack of auto-tune makes the great beats sound even better, which, in turn, makes it worthwhile to buy this album alone.

Overall, this album is worth a buy. The twelve incredibly original songs will provide the listener with an almost auto-tuneless Wayne that most fans will enjoy much more.

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