Swift Is Back In Fine Style

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Berks County native Taylor Swift released her third album on October 25th. The new album is entitled “Speak Now” after the fourth track on the CD. Just like her past two CD’s, the songs have been inspired by mean boys and personal love tragedies. However, the lyrics and her voice have matured since her last album, so the songs do not seem to so naively address the topic of love.

Many of the tracks on this CD are inspired by certain male celebrities. On the track named “Dear John,” she sings about how the famous rock star John Mayer dumped her after a short fling. Other songs also tell about her troubled love life with Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, and a multitude of other heartbreakers not named.

But not all of the tracks tell about broken hearts and goodbyes. Several tracks are about best friends, discovering new love, and the feelings that go along with it. In the track “Never Grow Up,” Swift sings about the importance of staying young and embracing youth. Other songs, including “Mine,” “Speak Now,” and “Long Live,” are about discovering love and living life to the fullest.

One of the more controversial tracks on the album would have to be “Innocent.” The track is clearly about the infamous Kanye West incident at last year’s MTV VMAs, where he interrupted her acceptance speech for winning “Best Female Video” and told the audience that she did not deserve the award over Beyonce. Within the lyrics, Swift pokes fun at how West needs to grow up; however, she does mention that everyone makes mistakes.

Overall, the CD is an improvement after her previous albums because of the maturity and diversity of her new lyrics. “Speak Now” has already sold several million copies, has four singles on the iTunes top 100 songs list, and has two singles on the billboard top 100.

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