Seniors…Are You Ready for College?

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Are you currently a senior at Fleetwood High School? Have you started preparing for and applying to colleges, universities, technical schools, or even jobs?

Kyle Kercher and Amanda Rhoad already have. They have both begun the adventure of preparing for college.

Amanda Rhoad said, “I’ve taken the SATs, sent my transcripts, visited BTI, and applied online.”

“I’ve visited colleges. I’ve also been doing my homework and studying a lot for tests to keep my grades up,” says Kyle Kercher.

If you don’t know what to do to start preparing, here’s how you can begin your very own adventure.

First, get together a list of possible colleges or universities you might want to attend. The list should contain at least three colleges.

Second, you must consider your financial options: How you are going to pay for your higher education?

Third, if you know you won’t be able to pay for your education or you don’t want to get a student loan, scholarships might be the best thing for you. Getting together a list of potential applications might be a good idea.

Some other avenues you can take to prepare are reviewing your SAT or ACT scores, meeting with your guidance counselor, securing letters of recommendations, and submitting your applications.

Make sure that your SAT or ACT test scores show your best work. If they don’t, see if you can retake the tests as soon as possible.

Meeting with your guidance counselor can help you prepare for applying to college. He or she can help answer any questions you may have about forms or last decisions.

When securing letters of recommendation, be sure you see what the colleges expect from them. Telling the teacher, coach, or instructor about the college and yourself might help him or her write a more influential letter.

The last tip, however, is also the most important want: Relax and try not to stress!

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