Lunar Calendar Makes Birthdays Bi-Yearly

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Every culture in the world has key differences. In the Chinese culture, two calendars are used in everyday life. The regular calendar that native Americans use is the calendar that everyone follows. But there is also the lunar calendar, which is based on the phases of the moon.

Every year, the lunar calendar starts at either the end of January or the beginning of February. It never occurs on the same day of the regular calendar. Each month of the lunar calendar starts on the new moon and ends the day before the next new moon.

This cultural artifact may seem neat but forgettable until one realizes that, with two simultaneous calendars, everyone also has two birthdays a year.

For example, Mr. Houp’s heavily-celebrated birthday is on December 31st, but his lunar birthday is on December 10th.

“This is a wonderful idea. I love presents, and I want people to give me presents on both days,” a modest Mr. Houp proclaimed.

Other FAHS students took a different approach to the topic and stated their opinions accordingly.

Zachary Wrobel said, “This would be confusing, but I still want to celebrate both regardless.”

Corey James declared, “It would be weird and cool at the same time. Two is better than one.”

“To me, it would mean nothing,” Dan Zebrine commented. “I don’t really celebrate my birthday.”

“It would be awkward. The lunar birthday would take away the true meaning of my birthday,” replied Ryan Cortazzo.

As the new lunar year approaches, don’t forget to remind your parents about an extra gift-giving occasion that they won’t want to miss.

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