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If you’re reading this here on the Internet, then this is less news than history, but perhaps you haven’t heard about all of the outlets available to Tiger Times readers.

The Tiger Times newspaper has made an enormous amount of progress since it was first formed decades ago. Just recently, the Tiger Times became the first FAHS online news journal.

The website is and includes articles written by the regular newspaper staff. The Tiger Times website also includes reporter bios and sections where visitors can post comments on individual articles so that community discussion is fostered.

The Tiger Times website seems to be a big hit among the community. To date, the number one article is “Dear Dymdog,” written by Chad Dymeck. You can subscribe to for e-mail updates, and visitors can even forward articles to Twitter, Facebook, and friends’ e-mails. In addition, a Facebook fan page for the Tiger Times Online now exists, and the fan base is building each day. On the fan page, subscribers can get additional updates about the articles being posted daily at  iPod, iPhone, and Android users can even access while on the go!

This first quarter has proven to be very successful for The Tiger Times, but the staff is devoting the remainder of the year to increasing traffic and discussion on the site.  Going virtual has already helped get the word out about the Tiger Times newspaper. Take a few minutes this evening to check out, make it a favorite, establish an online subscription, and become a Facebook Fan.

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