Hydrogen Car Visits FAHS

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On Thursday, November 4th, Air Products—a world leader in the production of industrial gases—brought a hydrogen car to Fleetwood Area High School. Scott McCullough, the school’s physics teacher, had been requesting the car to come to Fleetwood since April. It was many months before the company responded.

McCullough was interested in getting the car to Fleetwood because, as he says, “the students needed to see that companies are constantly working on ideas to make our future better.”

Although Air Products brought the car to Fleetwood, General Motors supplied the car to Air Products on loan because the gas producer assists GM with building both hydrogen fueling stations and hydrogen storage vessels.

While gasoline engines are widely produced, the infrastructure for hydrogen cars is still in its infancy. This is one of the many reasons why hydrogen cars are not mass-produced.

Hydrogen cars are indeed available to the consumer, but they go for as much as $500,000.  The advantage of a Hydrogen car is that hydrogen fuel cells don’t emit harmful vapors in the way that gasoline engines do. Instead, they release water vapor into the air.

Fleetwood wasn’t the first or the only school that was interested in experiencing the Hydrogen car; many districts in the Lehigh Valley asked Air Products to bring the car for a demonstration.

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