Black Ops Meets Big Expectations

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The new Call of Duty game is finally here. Black Ops is a first-person shooter game that takes place in Vietnam during the 60’s. For the solo campaign, players attempt to avert a war between the U.S and Soviet Russia. This would be easy if your character wasn’t brainwashed. You have been captured, and you don’t know where you are or who has captured you.

That is how the single player mode kicks off. As the game progresses, the protagonist’s thoughts trigger flashbacks, which compromise the actual missions of campaign mode. The story is a bit confusing at first, but it is worthwhile to remain patient. At the end, everything makes sense, and the game earns its stripes. At the end of campaign mode, the story cuts to a scene of President Kennedy, and if you keep watching, you will find out that Nazi Zombies invade, requiring you to complete a whole new map.

So yes, to answer everyone’s question, zombies have indeed returned! With new maps, guns, and characters, the game is just as fun as the zombies from World at War.

Besides these changes to the single-player game, the multiplayer mode has just as many, if not more, changes. Of course, there are the standard alterations, like new maps and guns, but there are also cosmetic differences as well. You can now put different designs on your guns and wear face paint.

Another addition is “COD points.” Instead of unlocking supplies by completing challenges and getting to new levels, a currency system is used to buy attachments, camouflage, guns, and everything else. There are good and bad aspects to this feature. A downside is that guns have to be unlocked via a rank level; then you have to buy them with points to be used during game play. This makes it hard to try out a gun and see if you like it. An upside to this is that, once you unlock a gun, you don’t have to wait a long time to get an attachment for it; you can buy it and immediately begin using it.

Overall this is a good game that is recommended for anyone who is a fan of the Call of Duty franchise.

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