Big Decisions Ahead for College-Bound Seniors

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The senior class of Fleetwood Area High School has some big decisions to make. Most importantly, they must decide where they would like to attend college.  Do these students want to go far away from pleasant ole’ Fleetwood? Or, do they wish to stay local?

“We have received applications from students for various colleges from all over the country,” says Guidance Counselor Melanie Phillips.  “However, the majority of the applications and acceptance letters for this senior class would be for Kutztown University.”

Even though Kutztown always seems to be the favorite, other students have decided to try their luck elsewhere. Dillon Turner has chosen Arizona State University while Zach Hess would like to attend Maryland State to major in physics. Drew Zebertavage has decided to apply to both near and far universities, including Bloomsburg, Kutztown, and the U.S. Naval Academy.

“I hope that I get into St. Joseph’s University,” said senior Anthony Onimus.

According to Guidance Counselor Amy Moyer, many of Fleetwood’s students receive scholarships of some sort for their post-secondary education. Last year, the total amount of Fleetwood scholarships was close to one million dollars. This year, students such as Liz and Sarah Bergman have received scholarships to play their respective sports at Lehigh University and Sacred Heart University, respectively.

Many local colleges are ranked fairly high in the nation. According to U.S. News, the University of Pennsylvania is ranked 5th in the nation; this is the highest ranked Pennsylvania school. As for our state colleges, Shippensburg was ranked 77th, followed by West Chester at 84th, Bloomsburg at 88th, and then Kutztown at 117th.

Pennsylvania’s Carnegie-Mellon University is currently ranked 23rd in the nation and is the most expensive college in the state with a price tag of $41,940 a year.

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