Book Recommendation: “Kissed by an Angel” by Elizabeth Chandler

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In the book “Kissed by an Angel,” by Elizabeth Chandler, Ivy, the protagonist, is attending a swim meet when she starts thinking about the first time she came to Stonehill High School in Connecticut. She watches her school’s most popular swimmer, Tristan Carruthers, swim the butterfly in the race.

Also at the meet is Gregory Baines, the son of the man Ivy’s mother was about to marry. Gregory is there with his best friend Eric Ghent. Gregory is the same age as Ivy, and he likes to tease her.

Ivy has been afraid of water since a devastating past experience of hers, but eventually Tristan starts to give her swimming lessons to get closer to her. Tristan also becomes close with Ivy’s brother, Phillip. When she leans how to swim, she always prays to her angels, all of which she has loved since she was a girl.

Tristan is working as a caterer the night of Ivy’s mother’s wedding reception. He is eventually fired that night and finds a room to relax in until Gary, his friend, can take him home. He notices a boy who is hungry and doesn’t want to leave the room. Tristan eventually gets the boy food, finds out the boy is Phillip, and helps the kid have fun during the remainder of the evening.

One night, Tristan and Ivy go on a date for which Tristan has been saving up. As they are on their way to dinner, Ivy notices that Tristan is driving too fast for the road. She asks for him to slow down, but he does not. Ivy becomes scared because a deer jumps into the middle of the road. Tristan has no room to maneuver. Ivy is at the point of yelling at Tristan to stop, but Tristan is already trying his hardest. A few seconds after the deer jumps onto the road, a car’s headlights appear.

All that Ivy can remember is a shattered windshield. She doesn’t know if Tristan is okay, if the deer is alive, or if she has survived.

Her questions and ours must wait for the next book in the series, entitled “The Power of Love.”

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