“Power of Love” Powerful for All

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In “Power of Love” by Elizabeth Chandler, Ivy is mourning the death of Tristan, the recently deceased boy with whom she was in love. She is also struggling through many near-death experiences of her own. She is trying to figure out who could have cut the brake lines to Tristan’s car and who may now be coming to kill her. With her friend Gregory there to help her stay as safe as possible, Tristan is devoted to figuring out how he can use his powers as an angel to help her survive. As the end of the novel nears, so too does the resolution of the mystery. And, as friends grow close, enemies grow even closer.

The previous book in the series, “Kissed by an Angel,” was a book that readers will never forget. And while the second is equally good, its main purpose is to compel us eagerly to the final chapter of the trilogy.  The story itself contains so many secrets that it keeps the reader guessing about the identity of Ivy’s attacker.

With Tristan now an angel, the reader longs for the time when he may again comfort Ivy through her difficult experiences.  As Gregory enters the story, the reader becomes conflicted over whether Ivy has completely forgotten all that she and Tristan once had.

Phillip is just the sweetest boy in the book, and he never quits on his sister. He also never stopped believing in angels after Ivy told him multiple times that they don’t exist. Phillip has the greatest and most open personality during this really hard time, when everyone is struggling to forget the past. Even though Phillip got on Ivy’s nerves from time to time, they were still really close and loved each other a lot.

But these experiences are just the tip of the iceberg; any smart reader will pick up the book on his or her own.

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