Artifact Wants Your Help

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The award-winning FAHS fine arts and literary magazine known as Artifact is in need of some help. Editors are looking for original writings or art from anyone who is willing to submit them. The journal typically accepts poetry, short stories, plays, and any other kind of original creation.

The good news is that there is no need to be apprehensive about submitting works; they are in very good hands. Artifact’s latest issue, released earlier this year, has been given a gold rating in every category, which is the second highest rating that can be given to a magazine. It is also considered to be the best edition by FAHS students and teachers who reviewed it.

Even with the overwhelming success of their last issue, the members of Artifact are anything but complacent; they are instead striving to make an even better magazine this year.

“There is much interest in establishing another award-winning issue,” said Artifact advisor Diane Chisdak. “We’ve had a couple of workshops to inspire writers to write, but we are hoping that more students come forward with their own creative writings.  It’s a great feeling to have your work published and to just be a part of excellence in our school.”

Chisdak also divulged the theme for this year’s edition, which is “Creativity vs. Logic.”  All submissions will be considered, but works addressing this theme will receive special attention.

For those interested, there isn’t much time left to submit your work; the deadline is set for January 10th. All submissions should be delivered to Art #1 as soon as possible. If you are a writer, artist, etc., taking advantage of this unique opportunity would be a great way to get some notoriety for your hard work.

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