Goss Becomes Albright Holocaust Resource Center Coordinator

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Jennifer Goss, a social studies teacher at the Fleetwood Area High School, has been hired as the new coordinator of the Holocaust Resource Center at Albright College. She began this part-time position on January 3rd, 2011, when the position became available because of the death of the previous coordinator, Dan Tannenbaum.

“I first met the previous coordinator, Dan Tannenbaum, through a mutual friend in 2005”, said Goss, who began leading teacher sessions for Tannenbaum in 2007.

Goss’s interest in Holocaust Studies started when she was in high school, but she says it really took off when she was a student at Kutztown University. She studied under Professor John Delaney of KU, with whom she became further interested in the Holocaust. Since then, Goss obtained a Master’s degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from West Chester University. Dan Tannenbaum was able to help her in both her classroom and research needs while she was matriculated in the program.

In her new position at Albright, Goss hopes to continue many of the existing programs that are already available as well as further the program’s technological reach. She is planning to expand the program using Facebook and Twitter. In this way, Goss will possibly inspire teens to become more aware of the terrors of genocide. Mrs. Goss has become very involved in the genocide of Darfur. Last year, she enlisted Carl Wilkens to do a presentation about Darfur and his experiences while living there.

Said Goss, “This position at Albright is a great opportunity for me to help expand Holocaust and genocide education in Berks County and beyond.”

In addition to being involved in Holocaust research at Albright, Goss offers the Intro to the Holocaust and Holocaust in Film and Literature electives to students at Fleetwood. The classes are becoming very popular, and they give students a better understanding of this type of destructive event. If you are interested in taking either elective, check with the guidance office to see if one of the classes could fit into your schedule.

The Albright University Holocaust Library and Resource Center provides a plethora of information on the Holocaust and genocide. The library has collected over 2,600 books and 200 audio and computer files about World War II and the Holocaust. The center has also had over three dozen recorded interviews with Holocaust survivors. Goss serves on the Pennsylvania Holocaust Education Council and is also currently a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Fellow.

Goss is a firm believer in the concept that we must learn from our history or we are doomed to repeat it. She hopes that by teaching others about world genocides such as the Holocaust, one day the world will be perpetually free of such crimes.

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