February Has More than a Few Funky Holidays

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The day that most people anticipate in the month of February is definitely the day of love, Valentine’s day. While people spend weeks preparing for what they are going to get their significant others, they could be celebrating the many other days that make up February.

February 2nd is a day to which a lot of people look forward: Groundhog day. This day determines whether spring is right around the corner or if we still have six more brutal weeks of winter. The good news is that Punxsutawney Phil anticipates an early spring this year.  The day that follows that is Elmo’s birthday, so wear a little red to celebrate!

February 4th is “Thank a Mailman” day, so if you happen to run across yours, make sure you thank him for all of his hard work.

If you think those are odd days, it only gets worse later in the month. February 6th is National “Monopoly Goes on Sale in Stores” day.  

February 13th (the first Friday the 13th of the year) is “Blame Someone Else” day. Some may take this day as bad luck, especially if something bad does end up happening and it inadvertently becomes your fault.

February 17th is a very special day: try to rack up numerous nice acts for people on “Random Acts of Kindness” Day. It’s contagious. The acts of kindness you undertake today may ricochet back at you later.

February 20th is “Love Pour Pet” day. That shouldn’t be hard for some people, but if you don’t show your pet enough love, this is the day to finally spoil him or her.

And lastly, February 28th is “Sleep in Public” day. Take a trip to your local Sleepy’s, and just plant yourself on a mattress for a few hours.

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