LeVan’s Website Improves Student Diet

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Eating healthy is a recommendation that people hear often, but most people do not seem to really know what it means to truly be healthy in their eating habits. Fleetwood’s very own physical education teacher Carole Levan took it upon herself to help inform students of healthy ways to eat by creating a website centered around good eating habits and selecting foods that help athletes perform better.

“While teaching Health and Sports & Nutrition classes, I was amazed to hear the misinformation many students have about nutrition and how to get a competitive edge,” said LeVan.  “It is kind of scary to hear about some of the unhealthy choices athletes are making. They do not realize how dangerous those decisions can be.”

“The website,” LeVan continued,”is meant to be used as a resource for providing nutritional information to athletes, coaches, and parents. If athletes would make a few small changes to their diets, they could feel better and see improvement in their overall strength, speed, and performance. These changes can help give them a competitive edge over other athletes and teams.”

Fleetwood student and wrestler Austin Haas is one person who has found success with some of the tips and information on the website.

Said Haas, “I think the website is good for helping to inform people about ways to eat healthy and to inform them of what foods are ‘healthy foods.’”

In general, people are exposed to so many dietary options that are bad for them that nutrition seems to be a lost cause. With this website, LeVan hopes that she will soon be able to reach out to people and cure their bad eating habits and poor food and drink choices.

LeVan’s competitive nutrition website can be accessed at the following URL address: https://sites.google.com/site/fwcompetitivenutrition .

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