“Car Surfing” Causes Deadly Wipeouts

Posted on February 28, 2011 by


Have you ever wanted to go to a theme park but didn’t have enough money?  If you’re smart, your solution won’t be to go car surfing.

The definition of “car surfing” is when someone stands or lies on the exterior of a vehicle while someone else is driving. The objective is to balance on the vehicle and act as though you are surfing. Most of you probably think that this is a horrible idea, and you would be correct.

However, car surfing has become quite popular among teenagers and young adults looking for a thrill. Between 1990 and 2008, there were 58 deaths involving car surfing. Forty-one more were injured, a majority of whom were teens. Chances are that there were also many more of these accidents, but the kids who took part in them were too embarrassed to report the situation.  They may also have wanted to avoid getting the law and their parents involved in their own stupidity.

Another form of car surfing is known as “skitching.” Skitching is the act of hanging onto the back of a moving vehicle on either roller blades, a bicycle, or a skateboard. Skitching is equally deadly.

The third and final type of car surfing is known as “ghost riding.” This is when the person driving the car gets out of his own vehicle and imitates car surfing. As risky as the other two methods are, this is by far the most dangerous of the three.

The reason we students come to Fleetwood Area High School is to further our education, so the next time you get bored and can’t think of something to do, instead of car surfing, why not bone up on some homework and save yourself from danger?

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