Book Recommendation: “The City of Bones,” by Cassandra Clare

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Shadowhunters, demons, vampires, warlocks, silent brothers, mundanes, fairies, and the forsaken are only the beginning of this atypical story. The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is an impeccable story about the terror that lurks right in front of our eyes.

In the world that is hidden from mundanes, everything is order and survival. You are either a Shadowhunter, a filthy Downworlder, or a ravenous Demon. Shadowhunters, with their unique ability to see the demons and write strange markings on themselves to give themselves extraordinary powers, protect the mundanes and their world from the flesh-eating demons that attack our world every day. The Shadowhunters are like the royal family; Downworlders are the peasants. Downworlders are everyone who is not a Shadowhunter. There is a rivalry between these two families, but they both have one common enemy, and that is the Demons. The Demons are soldiers from Hell whose life goal is to obey their masters and kill whatever lies in their way. In this world, nobody is safe.

Clary Fray is a young, red-headed, freckled 15-going-on-16 year-old girl who is nothing more than a regular, rebellious teenager. On her night out, she and her best friend Simon head to a teen club where Clary notices some unusual occurences. Three teenagers with weapons and strange markings all over their arms walk into the club and follow a blue-haired boy into a supply room. What’s weird about these kids is that Clary is the only one who can see them. Clary follows the teens into the room, but what she doesn’t know is that her curiosity causes her life to turn upside-down permanently. The teenagers trap the blue-haired hostage and end up killing him right in front of Clary’s eyes. The three teens notice Clary and are stupefied that she can see them. Jace, Isabel, and Alec are the teens that Clary has found, and they are about to absorb Clary as one of their own. Jace is a know-it-all, smart-mouthed, lazy, attractive teen who seems to take an interest in Clary but has no idea why. Alec is Isabel’s brother, and he is the one with the common sense in the group, but he is holding a big secret. Isabel is the typical teen who loves going out to parties and dressing up, but, when she is on the battlefield, she is one of the best Shadowhunters there is.

Clary goes out that night to see Jace again at a coffee shop. After having a weird talk with Jace, Clary gets a startling phone call from her mother telling Clary not to go home and to find somewhere safe. Clary runs home to find her mother missing, and the only person she can turn to is Luke, her mother’s best friend, but Luke wants nothing to do with her. Jace finds Clary and takes her into the Institute, where all the craziness starts to unfold. Clary finds out she is a Shadowhunter, but her mother hid it from her all these years. More and more secrets come out at the Institute, including a bit of a love-hate romance with Jace and Clary.

The plot in the story is so perfectly conceived and developed that it grows even more addicting after each page. Nothing in this book is boring or unsatisfactory, and this is not the only book in the series! There are two more books in the series called City of Ashes and The City of Glass, and the newest addition to the series just arrived on April 5th, entitled City of Fallen Angels.

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