What Does Your Favorite Color Say about You?

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The following colors each fit with different personality types. One color may represent you, but, more than likely, you can be described by many colors. Many students wear their favorite colors a lot, so, to have fun, plan a day to wear the color that best describes you.

If you are a very social person around your friends but quiet in school, the most common color you might wear is purple. You are very mysterious around people who don’t know you very well. You are also a person who likes to get to know someone else before he or she has the chance to know you. If you are a person who likes purple, you are also observant of your surroundings.

A person who likes blue is someone who is very athletic. You are sports crazy and always wear a sports jersey. You either have played or are playing a sport or sports. You also like to go to school sporting events to cheer on all your friends. You are a good supporter. When your friends are upset or mad, you always listen and give them advice.

If you like the color green, it is likely that you are very creative. You like the season spring and all the colors that are in the flowers and trees. You hate the winter because there isn’t much color. A person who likes the color green can also be known to have good grades in school. They spend a lot of their time on school work and extra-curricular activities.

Yellow is a color that describes a person who is creative and bright. You are always found smiling. Many people know you through the smile you have. You are also a person who loves the summer. You wear a lot of bright colors to get noticed in the halls. You want to stand out from other people rather fade into the background. When it comes to other people’s opinions about you, you don’t care what they say because you’re happy the way you are.

Orange represents a person who is always energetic. You are always loud in school and always in trouble with teachers. When it comes to events or activities to support your friends, you are always cheering them on with your loud voice. You make sure everyone can hear you. If you have a certain view on a topic, you fight for what you think is right. You are not quite known as rebellious, but sometimes you find yourself stubborn.

Red is a color that indicates someone who is emotional. Your friends know that, if something bad happens, they need to be there for you. You are a person who gets easily angered or upset, and, when you’re happy, you seem exceedingly calm. You are known to have good school spirit. You’re always excited for spirit week and are recognized for being very loud at pep rallies. You are not a very good listener, so you seem to get in a lot of trouble, but in the end, you learn your lesson.

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