Houp #3 Expected at FASD

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Murmurs around the school regarding Mr. Houp and his possible offspring…are true! Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Houp are expecting a bundle of joy this coming October 12th. Mama Houp—first grade Fleetwood teacher Jennifer Houp—is ecstatic about her pregnancy.

“I’m so excited! Hearing the heartbeat of the baby has been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced,” said the expectant mother.

Grandma Robertson, Mr. Houp’s elderly mother, doesn’t have a gender preference. However, she does have some lessons she plans to pass on to baby Houp if it is a boy.

“If it is a boy, I can teach him all I know about fishing and football… like I did my son,” said a sarcastic Grandma Robertson.

As for Grandma Bykowski—Mrs. Houp’s mother—she plans on acting as the stereotypical “spoil my grand-baby to death” grandmother.

“Of course I will spoil my grandchild because that is a grandmother’s most important job. I have already started buying things for little Baby Houp,” said Grandi, as she prefers to be known.

As for Papa Houp himself, he is already doing everything humanly possible in preparation for this baby. Mr. Houp and his wife have already started building the nursery with furniture from IKEA©. He is also undertaking many other preparations, including learning how to knit, learning Italian (so that he can create a bilingual household), taking birthing and parenting classes, registering at Babies-R-Us®, and taking photography classes in order to document all of his child’s moments.

“I’m so excited for the birth of my child,” said Houp, “I plan on raising my child to share all of my best qualities.”

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