Quill & Scroll Ceremony Inducts New Members

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On Thursday April 28th, 2011, in conjunction with the National Art Honor Society Awards, the journalism department held the annual Quill and Scroll induction ceremony. All parts of the department—The Tiger Times, The Tiger Tale, Tiger TV, and Artifact—were represented. Fleetwood has been a member of the society since 1937, but this fact had long been forgotten by the journalism advisors until last year whe yearbook advisor Ms. Sara Shelton researched the school’s enrollment in the society and applied for membership. The society returned a letter saying that the school has been a member for a very long time.

The evening began with sentiments by FAHS assistant principal Thomas Salpino, who is a former member of the society himself.

In order to be inducted into the society, advisors must recommend students, and the students must be in the top third of their graduating class. Besides the requirements set by the national organization, each advisor may set requirements of his or her own. Tiger Times advisor Zachary Houp only recommended one student this year, partly because of the requirements he set.

“My reporters need to be enrolled in the newspaper for two consecutive years and demonstrate leadership among their peers,” said Houp.

Along with the 10 new members being inducted this year, 5 returning members were present for the ceremony. Brieann Murray, Cale Ahearn, Curtis Ryan, Amanda Oswald, and Meghana Patil were honored for a second year. Ahearn represented the newspaper, Patil and Oswald represented Artifact, Murray represented the yearbook, and Ryan represented both the newspaper and the yearbook.

Of all the new members this year, Tiger TV was the most represented, inducting five new members. After the names of the inductees were announced and they either received their pin for being a new member or their cord for being a senior member, the students were greeted by FAHS principal Michael DeAntonio, who was waiting to give the honorees a handshake.

Each advisor gave individual awards to the most deserving students from each publication. Artifact advisor Diane Chisdak awarded the Artifact Editor’s Award to Oswald and Patil. Ryan Milloy was Tiger TV advisor Sean Gaston’s choice for the Tiger’s Paw award, which is a framed certificate that bears the recipient’s name. Houp bestowed upon both Ahearn and Ryan The Tiger Times Newspaper Recognition Award, a certificate with their respective names on it.

Shelton did not just invite those who were nominated to the ceremony. She encouraged all of her students in the yearbook to attend because she wanted to recognize everyone for his or her hard work all year. All of the students received personalized paperweights bearing a quote from Henry David Thoreau and with their names and graduating years inscribed.  Shelton also awarded Rebecca Himmelreich and Brieann Murray with the Yearbook Award, which was to commemorate their hard work not only this year but every year they have been involved. The award came with the paperweight and a $100 savings bond.

After the ceremony was over, all of the guests and honorees were invited to stay after for a light snack that was arranged by FAHS secretary Arlene Bonanni.

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