Seniors Owe Thanks to Parents, Teachers, Friends

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As the 2010-2011 school year dwindles to its final days, it is a natural time for reflection—reflection upon our faults and failures, achievements and accomplishments, and any forthcoming improvements that may be necessary in our lives. However, for the senior class of Fleetwood, these reflections cover more than just this past year; they cover the students’ overall careers at Fleetwood. These reflections embody each student as a whole, and they concern everything that he or she has learned during the first eighteen years of his or her life. As the end of the school year approaches, it is time to celebrate these seniors and all their accomplishments, the biggest of which is taking the next step in life beyond high school.

Yet, these seniors did not make it this far alone. This is a chance for the senior class to thank everyone who has helped to raise them and who has made them the people they are today.

Parents. Without parents, none of us would be here. There are pieces of them in all of us. They have raised us since we were born, and they have had the utmost impact on who we have become. Parents are teachers, but they assume the task of teaching the harder lessons that exceed a classroom’s walls. I have been fortunate enough to have more than just two people filling the parental role in my life. While I know I have not been the most obedient child—and I’m sure that many of our parents would say the same about each of us—I am so thankful for all of the sacrifices that they have made for me in my life. In that regard, I know that I speak for all seniors.

Teachers. These are the people who spend eight hours a day with us for ten months out of the year teaching us anything they can that will help us succeed academically. Whether you like them or not, they are always there and ready to help impart their knowledge upon us so that we may use it for the remainder of our lives. Teachers will always last in our memories; they have been an incalculable influence in our lives.

Friends. They are our peers, people to whom we are as close as if they were members of your own families. These are where the majority of our memories will lay—“Remember when so and so did this? Good times!” Friends are the people whom we have chosen to be in our lives as we have grown up. While many of us are going our separate ways, some of us are still attempting to continue our growth together. Friends are the foundation for the next step in all of our lives as we meet new people along whatever path we have chosen for our futures. However, there is nothing quite like the friends with whom you have grown up because you will never forget them.

Graduation is on June 13th, 2011. It will be a time during which we celebrate our accomplishments together while looking forward to the future. Yet graduation is only the first of many more giant steps in all of our lives. These roots that we have grown in Fleetwood are in all of us and will show themselves wherever we go in the future. For the Class of 2011, step one is complete. It is time to leave our alma mater, and show the world the amazing young people that Fleetwood has produced.

Good luck to all Seniors, and thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way!

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