“On Stranger Tides” Entertaining Despite Serious Sparrow

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Drink up, me hearties–and we mean drink up the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

With new and old characters, new creatures, and famous pirates, this movie is sure to bring some excitement to the table. But does the newest Pirates of the Caribbean live up to the expectations?

We all know the notorious Jack Sparrow–my apologies, Captain Jack Sparrow. He is the main character of the series, but in this movie he shares the spotlight with the beautiful Angelica and her evil pirate father, Blackbeard.

Jack is in London searching for clues regarding the Fountain of Youth, and he hears about someone impersonating him and looking for a ship and crew. He finds out who was impersonating him, and it was his former love and sometime enemy, Angelica. Angelica captures Jack and places him onto a strange ship that happens to be Blackbeard’s.

Blackbeard is the one pirate that all pirates fear. Those pirates are right to be scared because Blackbeard isn’t just any pirate. Blackbeard is a master at voodoo and necromancy. He also has a sword that controls everything on his ship. After a mutiny attempt arranged by Jack, Blackbeard proposes that Jack help him find the Fountain of Youth. Jack willingly helps, but Blackbeard isn’t the only person looking for the fountain. During the movie, Jack must battle mermaids, zombies, Spaniards, British, and his constant confusion with his feelings for the enchanting Angelica.

This movie is so full of sword fights, romance, and comedy that almost everyone’s tastes will be satisfied. The sword fights were much more complex and entertaining than the previous movies, but there was something missing. The Captain Jack Sparrow that we grew up knowing seemed to be missing a bit in this movie. Everyone knows Jack as the man who walks around looking intoxicated and a bit insane. In this movie, the old Jack was replaced with a more serious Jack.  It was also hard wrap one’s mind around Jack’s plan in this movie. We know that he wants to go to the Fountain of Youth, but it also seems as if he is confused  about what he wants, and that could be Angelica’s fault.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is sure to please. The action brings excitement, the romance brings the butterflies, and the ties to world history bring the interest. It is a movie that everyone will love want to see it again.

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