Republicans Amass Presidential Hopefuls

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Now that  June of 2011 has come, America must now focus on the November election.

The November election of next year, that is.

The only major party with a truly open election is the Republican Party. The Republicans have been trying to block every type of legislation President Obama has advocated since he won the presidency in November of 2008.With the results of the mid-term election in 2010, it seems as if the majority of the American population agrees with Republicans ideals. The Republicans won back the majority in the House of Representatives to show that they mean business.

The next step in their plan would be to win the presidential election next year. The two leading candidates going into the first polls were Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump.

Trump’s main running point was that President Obama had not released his long form birth certificate. After Obama released the document, Trump decided that he got what he wanted and was no longer planning on running.

Huckabee was another “Fan Favorite” within the party’s pundits. He has been a perennial presidential candidate and was in talks for the party’s nomination. But Huckabee announced in May on his Fox News talk show that he decided not to run for president. Although Huckabee will not run, he has said that he would consider the Vice Presidency.

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, announced on Twitter (his post featured a YouTube link) that he was planning on running for the President. He then went on Meet the Press and was asked about the economic plan that congressman Paul Ryan had presented. Gingrich said that he didn’t agree with it but also didn’t like the Democrat’s plan. Many of his fellow Republicans turned against Gingrich because he “disagreed with his party.”

Another favorite for the nomination is the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Romney announced his presidency on June 2, 2011.

Although Romney and Gingrich aren’t the only prospective candidates for the 2012 primary, they are the only ones who have officially announced their presidency for now.

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