Book Recommendation: “The Six Rules of Maybe,” by Deb Caletti

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The novel “The Six Rules of Maybe” by Deb Caletti is a sad story with a wonderful ending.

The main character, Scarlet, a 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time caring for other people rather than herself, falls head-over-heels for her sister Juliet’s new husband Hayden.

In the beginning, the newlyweds seemed happier than ever, especially because Juliet is pregnant, but after returning home to Scarlet and their mother, everyone in the house can sense the problems surrounding their relationship. Scarlet wants to do her best to save the relationship, mostly for their child, but after spending more and more time alone with Hayden, she realizes her feelings for him cannot be ignored.

The story takes a turn for the worse once Scarlet finds out Juliet might be cheating on Hayden with an old high school boyfriend. Scarlet seems to be torn between confronting Juliet over the situation and asking Hayden to leave Juliet so they can be together. Shortly after Scarlet discovers the apparent affair, Hayden begins to realize his wife’s infidelity as well and decides to leave the house. Scarlet is heartbroken but understands that Juliet is the one he loves, and nothing will change that.  Scarlet lets him leave, fighting the urge to chase after him.

By the end of the book, readers will find out what happens  and the reason behind the title “The Six Rules of Maybe.” This novel might just be another teenage love story, but the characters will pull you in and make it hard to put the book down. Look for this book in stores beside other amazing books by Deb Caletti.

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