Houp Awarded ASNE Journalism Fellowship

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You may know him as your English teacher, and others may know him as their journalism teacher, but everyone knows him as Mr. Houp.
Zachary Houp teaches English 10 and 12 at Fleetwood, and he is also the advisor of The Tiger Timesnewspaper. This is going to be his eighth year overall at Fleetwood and his second year teaching journalism.Mr. Houp enjoys many parts of his job, but there are still some aspects that he does not appreciate. For example, poorly written essays are frowned upon.  Mr. Houp’s favorite part of teaching is seeing students succeed in a skill they never thought they could have mastered. He is inspired to teach by hoping that students can remember something he taught 10 years from now, and he wants to help students in whatever future they may have.Houp and his wife Jennifer Houp, a first grade teacher at Willow Creek Elementary, are expecting a baby girl in October. They both wanted to begin trying for their first child after they had been married for a year.  A June ultrasound revealed they were expecting a girl. Both feel very blessed and are very excited.

In July, Houp attended the Reynolds High School Journalism Institute at Kent State University. The institute, which was founded in 2001, hopes to impart the skills of writing, reading, communication, and critical thinking.

Houp says that the most important thing he learned was the First Amendment and how it applies to our school. After attending the institute, Mr. Houp wants his writers for The Tiger Times to get better, more professional sources, and to remember that The Tiger Timesisn’t just for the school but for the entire community as well.Mr. Houp hopes to be teaching for a long time at Fleetwood Area High School. When asked how long he wants to teach, he replied by stating, “Until Governor Corbett cancels education.”
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