Fleetwood/Oley Union Makes for Promising Football

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The year has finally come in which sports and clubs are cut alongside other budget cuts. Many schools in the area are trying to decide what they are going to cut and why.
Oley Valley High School decided to cut the football team, and Fleetwood has considered letting some athletes from Oley play for the Fleetwood team.
With the support of many Fleetwood students, the team has become a promising group of athletes. With ten to twelve more students on the team, numbers have created a better group and a more positive environment for practices and games. Five of the Oley students even start for the Fleetwood team. Many of the football players reiterated the belief that  the overall attitude of the team has improved.
Most of the games are still enacted like the traditional Fleetwood program. The Oley students are expected to play like they are Fleetwood students.
But not many Oley students come to support the players. The former coach for the Oley players now coaches for the Central Catholic team and Holy Name team. When Holy Name cut many of their activities throughout the school, they began the process of becoming more involved with the Central Catholic organizations. This union is now known as Berks Catholic.
Meanwhile, Oley had nowhere to go, which is why Fleetwood has let these students join the team.
With a few exceptions, the schools are still following the policies for their home educational institutions. Oley still follows their policies, and Fleetwood still follows theirs, which causes a lot of communication between the two schools. This union of two schools is expected to help students understand that not everybody is the same and that new people can and should be embraced.
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