Misa’s Fugue Delayed

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The Misa’s Fugue conglomerate has been hard at work for a little more than a year now. Their unique project began on Labor Day weekend of 2010 in Indiana. At that time, producer Sean D. Gaston was hoping to complete the film in about a year.
This was a lofty goal, which Mr. Gaston realized would be very difficult to achieve after months of working on it. Over the summer, he changed the premier date from November 17th to April 16th.
Mr. Gaston and the entire crew came across some challenges they were not expecting. It took months for the production company to apply for two potential grants to help with the cost of releasing the film in New York City. These grants include one from The Berks Arts Council and one specifically for Jewish filmmaking called the Kroll Grant.
When he emailed Frank Grunwald, the main subject of Misa’s Fugue, informing Frank about the new premier date, Frank said, “You can’t schedule creativity.”
Gaston also did not expect the new ideas that kept spurring from art and stock footage that was sent to him. A distant cousin of Frank emailed Gaston directly, saying he possessed a love letter that Frank’s father wrote to Frank’s mother before they were moved to Auschwitz-Burkenau.
Frank’s relieving response about the rescheduled release date gave the group encouragement to take its time to make the film the best it could be. However, Gaston plans on definitely making the April 16th deadline.
Misa’s Fugue production is in the editing stage, which will hopefully render a film of approximately 80 minutes.
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