United We Fall Rises

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Within Berks County alone, noteworthy local bands abound. The number of local cover bands and bands making their own material is mind-boggling. Each of the bands is unique in its stage presence, musical taste, and countless other things.

The band United We Fall of Blandon was created in the summer of 2010 with Brian Erb playing bass and vocals, Carter Weitzel on lead guitar, Richie Clemens on drums and vocals, and Colin Underwood on rhythm guitar and lead vocals.

The group formed within a few separate jam sessions, where it was quickly noticed how well they connected as a whole group. From the forming of the band until now, they have performed over forty shows in nearly a dozen venues, parties, and fundraisers.

Originating as a cover band, they progressed to writing original music and have written twelve original songs spanning many different genres of music. A few crowd favorites include “Cold Day,” “Everything Will Go My Way,” “Untitled,” and “Overcast Sky.”

“’Everything Will Go My Way’ is by far my favorite song. The music is catchy, the lyrics are great, and, if you listen hard enough, the lyrics tell a true story,”unofficial roadie Colton Plucker said.

The band’s stage presence is a show in itself.  Whether antics ensue from purposeful or accidental occurrences, they always make the show interesting.

“I love being on stage and performing. It’s an amazing feeling,” Erb said.

“I love the way they feed off of each other onstage. I also enjoy when they rant between songs,”longtime fan Mike Laity said.

United We Fall sells merchandise for fans varying from stickers to shirts. They are currently taking a break from performing to write and practice. They plan to return on 9 December, where they’ll be headlining at the Silo with Chromatic Wakeup and Seventh Corvus.

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