IL to Un: Power Transferred in North Korea

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The death of Kim Jong Il shocked many worldwide. Kim, who died in December at age 69 after 17 years of ruling North Korea, was one of the most feared rulers in Southeast Asia. He was frequently the subject of allegations implying North Korea harbored an abundance of nuclear weapons. Due to American advancements in nuclear technology, many citizens feared an imminent attack on the U.S. due to problems faced with North Korea in the past.

Many now believe, with Kim’s passing, more hope exists for a promising future for North Korea. With his death, his son, Kim Jong Un, will succeed him as ruler. Un, who is much more “Americanized” than his father, hopes to create better relations between the U.S. and North Korea.

There are some who feel Kim’s son will not live up to the legacy of his father.

“While the death of this terrible dictator is being celebrated by many,” history teacher Jennifer Goss said, “I’m personally concerned about how his son will handle his new position of power. Kim Jong Il was a known entity; his son is not.”

“I’m very leery because he’s young and inexperienced. In other words, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” history teacher Paul Kochanaz said.

Even students tend to remain wary of how Kim Jong Un will do as leader.

“He’s not very experienced, so I feel he will not do very well as leader of North Korea,” senior Gabby Starks said.

For now, America will have to wait and see if this country with a tumultuous past can look forward to a promising future with Un as the new leader.

“It will be interesting to see how the transfer of power in North Korea will affect relations between this country, The U.S., and others,” History teacher Dina Heffner said.

How will new relations and international trade go with North Korea now that Il is gone? Only time will tell what is in store for America and the future of global safety.

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