Spring Brings New Baseball Season

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With the spring season approaching, everyone is excited for the warm weather, Spring break, and, most importantly, a new baseball season.

 After a very exciting 2011 season, the 2012 season promises to be a good one. On 12 February, pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training in either Florida or Arizona.

The Major League Baseball season starts on 28 March, with the Seattle Mariners playing the Oakland Athletics in Japan at the Tokyo Dome. The defending champion St. Louis Cardinals play the first game in America against the Miami Marlins.

With the offseason coming to an end, many teams have made personal changes to hopefully make their team better. Teams such as the Los Angeles Angels have signed big-time free agents such as C.J Wilson and three-time MVP winner Albert Pujols in the hope that they can make a run at the playoffs after a disappointing season last year.

Other teams such as the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies have made smaller roster moves instead of investing millions of dollars in free agent players.

“I look forward to watching the phenomenal young starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg. I believe that my team, the Washington Nationals, will win the NL East Division this year. Those Philadelphia Phillies do not stand a chance against my Nationals this year. I also am ready to go to baseball games and eat ballpark food,” Christian Boyer, a junior at Fleetwood Area High School and longtime baseball fan, said.

“I am excited to see my favorite team, The Boston Red Sox, play and hopefully make the playoffs. I cannot wait till baseball starts so I can hear the pop the glove makes when you catch a ball and the other simple things that make baseball great. Baseball season is coming up and I couldn’t be more excited for it!” Micah Storms, a junior at Fleetwood Area High School, who loves baseball and plays second base for the school baseball team, said.

Spring also brings baseball games to Fleetwood for the high school team and for many youth teams throughout the community.

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