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Dear Annie,

In my younger life, my sister and I would always argue about something, and now my sister moved out and I really miss her. What should I do?

Sincerely, Abandoned


Dear Abandoned,

I, too, have a sister with whom I fight all the time, and she is about to leave because she is graduating. Keeping in touch through Facebook, phones, or any type of communication device in general helps to get through the times when you really miss her.

If she is pretty far away and you do not have a phone or computer, mail her letters and pictures.

See when she is free and try to get together; just hang out for a few hours. Taking one day out of every week to see and talk to her would make it feel like she is still with you all of the time. It will also give you time to catch up with each other.

If she left because of college, ask your parents to take you out to visit her on the weekends. Your sister might even miss you just as much as you miss her. If this is true, she will want to see you just as much as you want to see her, and she will want to get together and see a movie or go to dinner with you.

If you are not doing anything after school, you are allowing time for you to miss your sister. Get involved, either with school or hanging out with friends so you have less time to think about how much you miss your sister. There are many ways to get involved through the school, like sports and clubs. If you are old enough, get a job.

Filling in the time will help you meet new people and see that people are there to fill the space in your life your sister can no longer fill now that she isn’t there.

Love, Annie



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