Roamin’ Gnome Returns from Tropical Travels

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Hey, guys! Last time I talked to you, I was in Walt Disney World, Florida. This time I traveled to a different destination, and this time I mixed up my means of transportation.

Sunday: I boarded the boat, a 10 deck high cruise ship which took me to my destination. The long four-day journey began around 4:00 p.m. While waiting to get to my destination, I decided to have some fun on the ship. I explored the ship high and low during the entire day.

Monday: We were in the North Atlantic Ocean, close to the eastern coast of the United States. Every once in a while, I could see land in the distance. I busied myself with activities throughout the ship. There was a swirly slide, which I slid down multiple times. They also had games going on throughout the ship, such as Family Feud and Minute to Win It.

Tuesday: We made a pit stop in Florida, where we could get off the ship and explore the state. I went to go boating with alligators. One of them came up and tried to eat me. That was a scary experience to say the least. I would rather see those dangerous creatures in the zoo.

Wednesday: I returned to the boat on the way to my destination. Today I did more relaxing. I lay by the pool and watch my fellow passengers swim. One kid splashed me, but it felt nice because of how warm the temperature was out here. Late that night, I could see the lights of my destination.

Thursday: Finally, I reached my destination. The air was warm, the sky was clear. Palm trees were all around. The ocean surrounded the island I explored. I saw the lost city of Atlantis and its aquarium containing various fish, from sharks to jellyfish. There were more large creatures of the water, but this time they were in a tank and were not alligators that seemed to like the sight of gnomes. Thank goodness for their absence!

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