MP3 Controversy Divides Students, Teachers

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Teens love their music, and many even hate socializing. That is why students rejoiced when a school rule was changed for the 2011-2012 school year. The administration allowed students to listen to their iPods and MP3 players during lunches and study halls.

Now, when a student is eating or doing homework, he or she may play some tunage in an effort to improve the school day. There is no doubt students are enjoying the rule change.

“I like it because, if I’m bored, it helps me pass the time,” Casey Heffelfinger said.

“I like it because I listen to a lot of music,” Ryan Anderson added.
“We need to talk and iPods don’t let us,” Joe Sherman said as the resident naysayer

The rule, however, does not apply in the hallways.

“No, it should never be allowed.  It’s very distracting,” Mr. Koch, one of the biggest music monitors, said.

It can even be seen as a safety hazard to some.
“It’s a safety issue regarding fire alarms and lockdowns because students can’t hear,” German teacher Shawn Rudy said. “Study hall has the word study in it, and listening to music doesn’t mean studying.”

Students hope the rule will remain the same for next year.

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