Misa’s Fugue DVDs Available to Sponsors

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The FAHS Doc Project entitled “Misa’s Fugue” has swept the county by storm and is looking to touch the lives of students, scholars, and cinema-goers across the nation.

To further fund marketing and distribution of the film produced by FAHS, its student body, and its staff, Butter Productions is now making DVDs of the film, as well as posters and other artwork featured in the final cut, available to all sponsors willing to donate to the project.

“This is the logical next step for us,” screenwriter Zachary Houp said.  “The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve heard not only from the Fleetwood community but also  from film enthusiasts–and even film professors at NYU–has compelled this project to seek the wider audience and award recognition it deserves.”

By visiting FAHSDocProject.com or Donate to Misa’s Fugue, anyone can own this moving documentary experience that represents a groundbreaking step forward for the arts in public education.  Visitors to the above sites will be given different monetary amounts, each of which will earn them a specified set of rewards for their contributions to the project.

Director Sean D. Gaston was not prepared for the breadth of positive feedback about the film, but he hopes his students can ride the tide of the film’s popularity well beyond earlier expectations.

“The funds will be used to enter film festivals, to ‘4 Wall’ the documentary in New York City and LA–making it Oscar eligible)–and also to distribute additional copies to high schools and colleges throughout the country for little or no cost,” Gaston said.

The school premier that occurred on 16 April, in hindsight, appears to have been only the beginning of a much longer journey for Gaston and the FAHS student body.  Donations from the Fleetwood community and beyond will continue to cultivate new opportunities and outlets for the almost two years of hard work and creativity that went into creating this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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